“I first brought my daughter to see Dr. Howie because of her delayed mobility, torticollis, and chronic ear infections. My daughter has improved greatly since starting treatment. I truly believe that it has been thru the use of chiropractic care that she is now mobile.”

“I began coming to Integral Heath Studio for migraines that I had suffered from for many years. Since seeing Dr. Howie and Dr. Hamilton, I have them much less frequently and have started living a much more healthy lifestyle.”

“I’m brand new to the whole “chiropractor” thing and working with Dr. Krisel has been a wonderful learning experience. I had no idea what wonderful help was offered by chiropractors as far as “whole” health (nutrition, body, etc). I feel wonderful and attribute that to the help I have received from Dr. Krisel.”

“This was my first time seeing a chiropractor. I wanted to get relief from some of the muscle pain I was having. Since becoming a patient, I have more and better clarity, my blood pressure has improved greatly, and I am sleeping better at night. I also have a better range of motion and balance. Dr. Howie has done a great job.”

“I was in a lot of pain when I first started at Integral Health Studio. I wanted to be able to get my life back and start doing activities that I enjoyed again. I now feel 100% BETTER!!!! I am healthier and enjoying life again. I would recommend Integral Health Studio to everyone!”

“Prior to visiting Integral Chiropractic Center, I had tightness and grinding in my shoulders and neck. After receiving care for the past few months, I have zero discomfort in my shoulders and neck! I highly suggest Integral Chiropractic for care!”

“I was not unhealthy prior to coming. That said, over the last several weeks I have had higher than normal energy levels and have not experienced any of the occasional lower back pain I experienced from time to time. I attribute my higher energy levels and my decrease in back pain to this chiropractic care.”

“My neck, back, knees and ankles ached pretty much all the time. I also felt listless. All aches have decreased, swelling in my ankles decreased greatly, general feeling of well being – more energy, happier. I have changed some habits – drinking more water and less caffeine and artificial sweeteners, and more exercising/walking.”

Voted “Best Atlanta Chiropractor” and recipient of the “Patient’s Choice” Award, Integral Health Studio uses the latest techniques in order to better serve Atlanta’s health concerns. If you are looking for holistic chiropractic care, nutritional counseling,  massage therapy, or care for your auto injuries, we can help!

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